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Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
by Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence on October 30, 2018
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This article continues the focus on referral marketing. 

5next software shares the habits of top rainmakers within this 5 minute read. We interviewed nearly 100 rainmakers. These are leading business to business professionals who are generating professional introductions right now. Most importantly our goal was to capture the habit set held to be recognised as the ‘best practice’. Our sample of interviews stretched from Long Beach Ca to Lublin Pl with a recognisable pattern of behaviour all the top rainmakers identified with.

Rainmaking habits: start today

First of all thinking about developing fee earning opportunities whilst waiting for external motivation means you are unlikely to get started. Furthermore developing daily habits and systems move you forward because daily habits are the gasoline that powers your personal engine to take action. In contrast most of us would rather not commit to a ‘little bit’ on a regular basis. We want an instant breakthrough and this is not realistic. Therefore identify one rainmaking task that you could complete today and do it. Do it today and not someday.

Rainmaking habits: start small, aim high

Certainly there is major value in small tasks that are completed well and consistently over time. For the reason that the most basic actions and routines you possess on a day to day basis are the key to rainmaking. Consequently these habits move your career or business in the direction it is going.  Most importantly you can create your daily habits and they are the choices you can make. For example:

  • Make a phone call to a satisfied client to organise a ‘catch-up’ and explore any introduction possibilities
  • Send an email to a longstanding connection to put a ‘catch-up’ meeting into the calendar
  • Book a coffee with a well known chamber member and explore any introduction possibilities
  • Review your prospect list of potential connections and reach out to one of them

Start a habit today and add another one to tomorrow.

Rainmaking habits:  make micro-improvements

In reality it is unlikely we have the willpower to be a rainmaker all day and most likely as the day unfolds we all slowly lose willpower. This maybe a reason why the average person watches 3.85 hours of television every day.

UK TV watching

As a personal anecdote. About two years ago I made a commitment to upscale my commercial behaviour as I was dissatisfied with the results I was generating. The barrier was that there appeared to be an almost insurmountable distance between my current position and the destination of my choice. I engaged with the concept of generating micro-changes. The concept is one micro-change every day.

As a business theory or algorithm if you improve by 1% every day for 365 days then in real terms you are improving to the power of 38. This is because the impact is 38 times. If you improve yourself by 1% everyday for an entire year in real terms you will grow by 38 x (1³⁶⁵=37.8). Habit creation keeps you on track and engages you with successful behaviour.

Rainmaker habits: introduce, introduce & introduce!

My original mentor had the habit of making unsolicited introductions. This meant he had a professional and commercial value beyond his excellent professional service offer. Therefore he acted as an extended rainmaker. Many of rainmakers deliver this connectivity and it creates the potential of mutuality . Think in terms of what can you do to help your connections succeed.

Ask not what your network can do for you but what can you do for your network?

Rainmaker habits: engage with your network

It takes time to build and develop mutual trust. This is developed by consciously developing a network that supports your position not only as a rainmaker but also as someone that is worth engaging with.

Take time to meet your network regularly at the level that is most appropriate. Network degradation is recognising that your connection base requires maintenance and the top connections you possess are the potential top connections of someone else too. By reinforcing your key relationships by default you will develop the profile of a center-of-influence.

Rainmaker habits: do not prejudge an introduction

A trait of rainmakers generally is that they have mastered the art of dealing with people. However this alone will not generate outstanding results. 

The habit is to not prejudge who you are networking with and think in terms of your reputation overall. Your role is not to be a dominant conversational force and 5next software identified that a large percentage of the rainmakers that we spoke with were in fact introverted. However everyone understood that there is a need to be courteous and polite to everyone they meet, regardless of their status within an organisation. All of them took an interest in the connections that they had and a general interest in people asking them questions.

How to evaluate a new connection?

Rainmaker habits: provide a value to every introduction 

Listen to a client’s comments at the end of the meeting.

With a great rainmaker they are usually along the lines of: “Hey that was fun, I actually learnt some useful things today”.

So yes, having fun in a meeting is important, but the most important part is to have provided value to the person you have met, in the time you have spent with them.

5next will be publishing its second white paper on this very subject in December:

‘Rainmaking depends on reputation, guard yours with your life’

Introducing the ‘recognised authority’ model

Rainmaker habits: measure your results

The elite players within this business discipline were analytical where they weighed actions and follow through against opportunity cost. We take our lead from them as rainmaking is all about opportunity cost at the top end of business development. 5next software has measurement systems and algorithms that generate probability and likelihood within the professional discipline of rainmaking.

‘There is an opportunity cost for everything you do. Ensure what you pursue is really valuable. Pursuit leaves countless lost opportunities in its wake. We choose one path at the sacrifice of all other paths’

Top rainmakers have the habit to review potential opportunities carefully, consider them and compare them to other opportunities. In terms of potential openings you will discover that they are not all the same value.

‘Whatever your rainmaking measurement system is, it needs to be consistent, repeatable, and as unbiased as possible’ 

This habit is to review your actions and really search for where you are wasting your time no matter how difficult it is to do so. We close with this quote;

‘The price of light is less than the cost of darkness’

Arthur Nielsen

Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
5next co-founder. Trainer, networking coach, writer & author. Educated at L. S. E. & Wits University. ‘$1,000,000 Round Table’ sales qualifier. Author ILM accredited: ‘Executive Programme in Professional & Business Networking’. Rainmaking experience in RSA, UK, France, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Dubai, Poland, Germany, Slovak Republic & the USA.
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