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Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
by Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence on November 20, 2019
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November 10, 2019
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Looking for lessons on how to be a PRO Rainmaker? The 1971 British gangster movie ‘Get Carter’, has multiple Rainmaking lessons in it. These lessons illustrate through practical examples how to build the right network of connections in a very short period of time. (It can be done). The film is well worth a look and is ranked No. 16 within the BFI Top 100 British films of the 20th century.

Therefore in this 5-minute read we will equip you with the Jack Carter approach to getting referred efficiently and accurately.

Michael Caine, as London gangster, Jack Carter, travels to Newcastle to attend the funeral of his brother and in addition he suspects that the death is not as it appears. He will have to be a very effective Rainmaker to get the results that he is looking for.

This is what he does:

Be prepared to leave your comfort-zone

This is easier said than done. We all have environments where we feel the most confident. When it comes to Rainmaking this can be an issue that holds us back. Jack Carter has to move out of his London Rainmaking comfort-zone to build this new Newcastle network. Therefore rather than try and deal with this by correspondence or make use of the telephone he makes the journey. I am not suggesting that Newcastle is uncomfortable but consequently Jack Carter is far away from where he would naturally work his network in London.

You may well have to move out of your current comfort-zone, which is your existing network of connections, if you want to change your Rainmaking results.

Leave your comfort zone

Can your new target network value you?

When you are a Rainmaker you need a value that is easy to identify with by your target audience. Jack Carter holds a specific position in terms of his Rainmaking. It is clear what he represents. Above all his reputation through actions and his presentation enable him to create meaningful introductions quickly. In conclusion he is using a variant of power-of-association as he is part of the Fletcher Brothers crime organisation. Above all this enables him to establish his value to old and new contacts very quickly. (Very, very, quickly).

How relevant are you to the connections that you seek?

If you are not a relevant connection to a new introduction then your ability to connect on a meaningful level will be very low indeed.

Do you have a clear networking strategy

This is critical. What type of network do you need for your new Rainmaking objectives?  Can you define them? Similarly do you have a specific aim that the connections that you are developing can support you with? Collecting business cards and in addition making ’60-second’ pitches randomly, in the same hope that bread cast on a lake attracts ducks, is not PRO Rainmaker behavior. To create a strategy Jack needs knowledge and quickly sources Eric Paice. Eric knows the local network of connections and is also the driver for Cyril Kinnear. As a contact Paice has knowledge and links Jack into that network. Their introduction is a variant of a ’60 second pitch’. It works very well as it establishes immediately why Jack is asking questions.

Eric: So, what’re you doing then? On your holidays?

Carter: No, I’m visiting relatives.

Eric: Oh, that’s nice.

Carter: It would be… if they were still living.

Knowledge contact

PRO Rainmakers make Alliance relationships

Being a London gangster outside his natural network will not help Jack. He will need to reposition himself as being a relevant contact in Newcastle. On that basis he decides he will need to reach out to local crime boss Cyril Kinnear. Kinnear will offer a potential Alliance relationship as he is also an associate of the Fletcher Brothers as well as holding his own Rainmaker position in Newcastle. Cyril Kinnear is also a Centre-of-Influence. The question with a network that relies too much on one Centre-of-Influence can be that this type of connection usually has many motives and drivers as to why they do what they do. That is why they are a centre and they normally serve their own interests before yours.

A Centre-of-Influence often has too many interests to make yours a priority. Do not over value them.

PRO Rainmakers connect with knowledge

Connections that can deliver accurate Knowledge of the market place you are working in are invaluable. Jack knows that to network effectively you need to link into a Centre-of-Influence. On this basis he goes to see Cliff Brumby to get some key information. Jack is able to get what appears to be relevant information from slot machine entrepreneur Cliff Brumby and in addition position himself as someone who has potential for Brumby as a contact. (Jack is an outlier).

[To Cliff Brumby] You’re a big man, but you’re in bad shape. With me it’s a full time job. Now behave yourself.

PRO Rainmakers are market responsive

When you are building a new network of connections it is important to continually assess who you are talking to and what they may offer to you as a PRO Rainmaker. For instance it turns out that Eric Paice, Cyril Kinnear and Cliff Brumby are all delivering disinformation to Jack Carter. Giving Jack disinformation is very dangerous. You need to constantly reference what you think the market place represents to you and not take on face-value everything that you hear.

Be prepared to give and receive feedback regarding new introductions. Jack Carter is very good at this.

Architect: I’ve got an awful feeling we aren’t going to get our fees for this job.

Rainmaking feedback

This business development article is is written for Rainmaker PRO Law Tech software by Bob Spence business development coach at legal consultancy Wilkinson Read & Partners. (They have celebrated their 26th anniversary). He also works alongside Bratislava based people development specialist Ivan Kosalko.

J. Robert Spence © 2019

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