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by Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence on October 19, 2018
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5next rainmaking software previewed the Fab Four as a perfect set of rainmakers because they all had an equal equity stake in developing fans. We now compare them to The Stones. If you are operating as the number two rainmaker in your firm and you want to make it to at least joint number one, then read on.

The Beatles teach successful rainmaking

How to become the lead rainmaker

This brand new writing supports referral marketing that develops your position as a rainmaker.

A 5 minute read comparing business development as a team effort to working with a recognised lead. It explores the importance for new rainmakers to persevere at their business development goals.

It was popular-cultures first musical and stylistic dilemma:

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

In the Sixties it was almost obligatory to be in one camp or sign up for the other.

We look at The Rolling Stones as an alternative rainmaking structure comparing them to The Beatles. This is about how to ‘position yourself’ within your context of business development and fan generation. Which is another version of rainmaking.

Rainmaker team versus rainmaker solo

The Rolling Stones have a different method of linking to their audience than the Fab Four. They have a self-nominated leader and he is clearly defined as the rainmaking connector to their audience. Over time there is eventually a defined number two but originally they connect to audiences via frontman Michael Philip Jagger. Mostly known as Mick.

Quite often within a professional services firm there is a clear leader with regards to rainmaking, someone to refer to and who is recognised externally. This can be the senior partner, the managing partner, founding partner or the named partner. Essentially who ‘tops the pyramid’ in the firm. In some firms non-lawyers with corporate management skills act as CEO/COO and they can also take on this mantle.

Mick Jagger Managing-partner Rolling Stones LLP

In The Rolling Stones the named partner who tops their pyramid is Mick Jagger. Any connection to The Rolling Stones has to start with him. The upside is everybody knows this and he is very easy to identify but the downside is that he will not connect with everyone.

The Beatles are a partnership offer with four personalities of an equal status. They represent different types of connection value to different audiences. If you fail to connect with one you have three others to consider.

In The Rolling Stones there is initially just the one. However there are other personalities to potentially engage with. In the ensemble process Keith Richards represents something very different to Mick Jagger. Initially he is a background rainmaker connecting fans to the band but positions can alter. You may need to develop your own connectivity stratagem within your firm. This may not be as the lead initially because that may not be available to you. So we can look at how Keith is able to develop his rainmaking connectivity to an audience separately to Mick.

Managing-partner approach to rainmaking

Initially in the 1960’s it would be correct to recognise that Jagger was without doubt the biggest star and business development point in The Stones. At that point Keith Richard was probably behind the late Brian Jones RIP. He was certainly not on a par with Paul McCartney in terms of his ability to connect and build a fan base. As The Stones moved into the 70’s Mick Jagger was arguably the number one rock star globally. He was the rainmaker extraordinaire keeping, creating and developing his audience. Keith was very much in the background. (It looked like he had his addiction problems in this period and was certainly not connecting or rainmaking to any audience).

Rainmaking outside your niche

During the 1980’s it would be fair to write that Jagger searched for a solo career, tried to develop one and seemed to be looking for an audience outside The Stones. He was taking his rainmaking ability to generate fans away from the ensemble format. Essentially he tries to set up a new practice: ‘M. P. Jagger & Associates’. (Pretty much looking to part with his original equity partners). However in this era Keith Richards develops more credibility and connectivity with fans of The Rolling Stones LLP and Mick loses his unassailable position as Keith moves forward to becoming an equity partner albeit a junior one.

Throughout 1990 – 1999 Keith continues to move forward steadily as the rainmaker within The Rolling Stones. Although Mick is the star front-man and always will be, he is clearly diminished by working outside The Rolling Stones LLP. Keith now has the ability to be a major rainmaker for The Stones as he becomes a recognised-authority in his field as the number one British aficionado of Chicago blues players.

Introducing the ‘recognised authority’ model

Joint-partner approach to rainmaking

From 2000 onward it is all change with regards to rainmaking ability within The Stones. Arguably Keith achieves joint-managing partner status. This is due to the ‘Keith Richard Tribute’ AKA Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As a result this generates equal billing or near to it for Keith in terms of his ability to connect with an audience as he has developed a separate rainmaking position to Mick. Furthermore Keith is now a cultural center-of-influence.

If Keith Richards can eventually become the most relevant rainmaker in The Rolling Stones then there’s hope for all junior partners and junior business development professionals searching for their own recognition.

You have to start somewhere either as a Beatle or a Rolling Stone

Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence
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