Interpret the value of existing referral network


Value your connections

Rainmaker PRO estimates the latent valuation of your current connections by comparing their past performance to a future one. A unique operating system of algorithms produces bespoke rainmaking reporting that evaluate the existing referral network.


Evaluate business

Rainmaker PRO identifies your rainmaking probabilities. This is by organising the connections of both individuals and groups into an action plan unlocking hidden fee earning potential that is so often overlooked due to lack of time and process.


Isolate best practice

Rainmaker PRO enables you to interrogate the source of previous success to create action plans that replicate them. This delivers a bespoke rainmaking model for the firm and the individual lawyer that is based on the needs and requirements of the firm and the market place.


Evaluate business decisions

Rainmaker PRO produces rainmaking insight into financial valuations. This can include potential merger or restructure plans. It reviews the previous performance of individuals and compares this to a projected performance by interrogation of future rainmaking potential.


The Rainmaking Potential of Your Practice


Refferal technique

Rainmaker PRO builds referral marketing habits within the firm. It supports times use, strategy development, measurement of actions, sharing information keeping the practice on track.

Introduction technique

Measure the impact of your current introduction methodology and tactics. Rainmaker PRO leverages the professional evidence-of-competence the firm possesses to measure and forecast the likely impact of new introductions.

Upsell technique

Manage referral opportunities across the departments and legal disciplines within the practice maximising the potential opportunities that the firm is creating.


  • C4DI is one of the UK’s leading technology incubators. A challenge many of our businesses have is a lack of a focussed approach to business development. To help with that, Bob Spence has delivered a number of business development programmes at C4DI based on the 5next method that helps build a network of connections in a structured fashion.

    The software 5next has developed supports this approach and I believe it is a groundbreaking method of business development. In fast-growing businesses, time is rare and so any connections need to be developed in an effective and efficient way.

    John Connolly
    The Centre for Digital Innovation
  • 5next is the first application that I have seen that manages, educates and coaches you to develop the connections that make the difference. The 5next online ‘smart team’ makes sure you network like a ‘pro’.

    Throughout his career, Martin has written, planned and hosted promotional and networking events for blue chip companies across the UK. He is highly skilled at presenting to small groups or large conferences and ran 26 networking groups simultaneously across the UK.

    Martin Byrne 5next
    Martin Byrne
    Senior Partner Core Business Solutions
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